By Korthus Julen, Historian and Chronicler

Greetings, inquiring reader, and welcome to the beginning of this chronicle. I have spent the past decade of my life compiling this information and making sure that I write only the details that I know are correct. Even so, the deeds of the divines are far above us, and I have no doubt that crucial details about the events that unfolded are missing.

Even so, I have done my best to present a story as accurate as possible. Without further ado, let us get on with that story.

The creation of the World

In the beginning, there was nothing. The world, hard as it is to believe, did not exist. There was only a dark, uninhabited void.

Then, there came the Ur-Dragon, the father of dragons and of all life, our creator.

The Ur-Dragon saw that there was only void, and from that void, by using his powers, he made the world. After creating the landscape, he set about creating being in his image.

Thus, the Ur-Dragon created the first dragons. Each one of them became the founder of a line of dragons that exists even today, ranging from the Green Dragons to the Rust Dragons.

After he created beings in his own image, the Ur-Dragon set about creating the so-called lesser races, which would quickly reproduce and come to inhabit the whole world.

Each race will tell you that they were the first the Ur-Dragon created, but the truth of the matter is that we do not know the Ur- Dragon’s order of creation. In any case, the deity created the humans, wood elves, dark elves, dwarves, trolls, and even the undead, wishing to extend the lifespan of some of his other creations.

The world that was created by the Ur Dragon

At first, the Ur-Dragon let his creations run rampant across the world, without rules to govern them. This worked fine for some time, while the various races tried to find their footing and place in this new world.

The dragons, as always, mostly retreated to their own corners of the world, either isolating themselves or setting up small fiefdoms to govern. Some, however, wondered among the other races, sometimes taking on humanoid forms.

As for the lesser races, at first the world was big enough for all of them. Indeed, as they were created in different places across the world, for the first decades of their existence they did not even meet people from other races.

However, as the years passed and the races multiplied and expanded, they started coming into contact with one another. Usually, this contact was peaceful in nature, with envoys exchanged and trade missions being set up. However, some times both races’ intentions were hostile, and war soon became a common occurrence throughout the land.

The Ur-Dragon saw this and disapproved. To that end, he created the Valkyries, divine beings made of his own flesh. Although they resembled humans most, the Valkyries were divine in nature, with draconic intellect and might.

The Valkyries were charged by the Ur-Dragon to watch over the world. The Ur-Dragon, as well as his dragon children, built for the Valkyries cities in the world’s high heavens, where they would live and rule.

Moreover, the Ur-Dragon created a race of Servants. Those beings resembled humans, but instead of the humans’ free will, they were devoted to the Valkyries and lived only to serve them.

The Valkyries soon made their way throughout the whole world, announcing their presence and showing their divine powers. With those powers, they forced those who were fighting various wars to sign ceasefires.

Of course, the Valkyries did not stop war entirely. They understood that war was a part of living in a world full of different races, at least for the moment. However, they always stepped in when war threatened to drive a race towards extinction or drag on for decades, thus sparing the races from the worst.

Image of a Valkyrie on a graveyard

In only a few years, the various lesser races – but not the dragons, who were direct children of the Ur-Dragon and thus recognized only him as divine – came to recognize the Valkyries as deities.

Of course, since the races had evolved quite distinct cultures and traditions by this point, they came to recognize the Valkyries’ divine powers in different ways, and their worship reflected that.

For example, the humans ascribed different traits to each Valkyrie, having one that represented the harvest, one that represented war, and so on. On the other hand, the trolls did not ascribe different traits to each Valkyrie, but worshipped all of them as the same thing: Powerful warlike creatures, which could teach the trolls how to fight better.

For the most part, the Valkyries remained in their cities in the high heavens while we, the lesser races, slowly developed technology in the world below.

The Divine Rebellion

For a while, there was relative peace. However, it was not to last.

The Servant race had been serving the Valkyries for years by that point, if not centuries. From what I was able to gather, the Servants had never disagreed with a Valkyrie, much less ignored orders. They were the perfect race for what they had been made to do, and they served with distinction in whatever way the Valkyries asked.

However, there was always an element of danger in the whole situation. The Valkyries were powerful, yes, but they were not many, The Servants, on the other hand, were decidedly weak, but even so, there were a thousand times more Servants than Valkyries, and they reproduced quickly, so there would always be more of them to provide for their deities.

In theory, the two races lived in the same cities but apart, almost like they had a caste system. However, there were exceptions.

The most notable of those exceptions was Princess Eo.

Princess Eo was the daughter and heir apparent of the Valkyrie Queen. She was an excellent administrator and fighter, and with her, the future of not just the Valkyries but the world seemed promising.

However, the Princess had a secret. She was in love with a simple Servant. Try as I might, humble reader, I have not been able to find that Servant’s name. It seems the Valkyries themselves struck it from history. What is known is his name after his fall, Azrael.

The Princess and that Servant were secretly in love for years. The Princess formally employed the Servant as her assistant, and thus the two were able to see each other often.

However, some force took hold of the Servant – who I shall call Azrael from now on – and slowly corrupted him.

This corruption reached its peak when Azrael tried to assassinate Princess Eo. Luckily, the Princess was able to get away with only minor wounds. However, out of her love for Azrael and her confusion as to his actions, she let him live. This would prove to be a major mistake.

Azrael escaped Eo’s palace and went into hiding among the other servants. There, he was quickly able to find many others who had been corrupted like him.
Only a couple of months after the assassination attempt, Azrael led a rebellion against the Valkyries, followed by thousands of other Servants, corrupted by the same force that had grabbed hold of him.

In single combat, a Servant was no match for a Valkyrie. However, the servants outnumbered them significantly, and more seemed to fall in with the rebellion daily.

And so, for years, the war raged on, with the Valkyries and the Servants that remained loyal to them slowly losing ground.

It was then that the Valkyries were dealt a severe blow. An uprising took place inside the capital city itself, coinciding with an attack of Servants from the outside.

The Valkyries proved unable to withstand this assault, leading to the loss of the capital city. What was even worse though, was the fact that the Valkyrie Queen herself perished in the attack.

This tragic blow came very close to wiping out Valkyrie resistance. I shudder to think what that might have meant for us lesser races, deprived of their shields and open to attack from the Servants, who would surely have turned against us next.

It was at that moment that Princess Eo, now Queen of the Valkyries, turned to the Ur-Dragon.

Up until that point, the Ur-Dragon had not taken part in the fighting. Instead, he was off in other worlds, having judged ours as safe, leaving it in the hands of the Valkyries.

When Eo contacted the Ur-Dragon, he was not pleased. He had left the Valkyries in charge precisely so such things would not happen, and so he was angered at them.

The Ur-Dragon agreed to help, but with a terrible cost: The Valkyries would continue living up in high heaven, but they would lose their divinity and most of their powers. They would no longer be in charge of governing and protecting the world.

Eo had no choice but to accept of course, for all other responses would simply lead to her race’s utter destruction.

With Eo accepting the Ur-Dragon’s conditions, the Ur-Dragon returned to our world. There, he rallied his dragon children and together they drove the Servants back.

At that moment, Eo and the other Valkyries placed a curse on the now-weakened servants. This curse altered their bodies, making them repulsive to look at, truly evil as they had been inside all along.

Thus, a large part of the race of the Servants was no more. In their place, there were the Demons.

With the war nearing its end, the Valkyries, with the help of the dragons, imprisoned the Demons in the dark void of the Twilight World, where they hoped that they would be forever imprisoned.

For a time, the Valkyries were right. Although they could not really affect the world much anymore, they continued to survey it, and they saw no trace of the Demons. The lesser races flourished, and although there was some conflict, it was minimal.

The next one hundred years were largely peaceful. However, the Demons were soon clawing at the gates of the Twilight World, struggling to get out.

As you know, humble reader, the Demons have succeeded in this.

Although they are not yet fully released from their prisons, their influence has been able to seep out of the Twilight World. Slowly, this influence has been corrupting members of all races, turning them evil and against their former kin.

Of course, all of those demon-corrupted beings have but one goal: To bring about the Demons’ return, to help them complete their task of destroying the Valkyries and conquering the world.

But not all is lost, of course. The Valkyries may be unable to enter our world, but they are still watching. Using what influence they have left, they have been reaching out to warriors and champions from all races.

It falls to those noble fighters to be the shield that protects us from the Demons now. The Valkyries, under Divine Queen Eo, do their best to protect us, using what power they have left.

Soon, there will be a reckoning, as the two sides, good and evil, will do battle for the fate of the world.

But that is not my story to tell. I am but a humble historian and chronicler, and the Valkyries have only charged me to write up a history, so that people like you, humble reader, can read it and learn.

And, who knows? Perhaps it will be you that will help us survive.

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