Fortnite Battle Royale is an online Battle Royale(BR) game played in third-person perspective. The game is full of unique experiences, making each game different from the last. Like other BRs, the player is dropped onto an island, competing to become the last man/squad standing.

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If not the BR mode is your cup of tea, you can always head over to the creative mode and construct a world fitting your desires. Or, you can always fight hordes of monsters in the Save the World game mode. Either way, Fortnite will definitely keep you engaged.

However, as thrilling as the game can be, it is vital for players to improve their skills to truly enjoy what Fortnite is willing to offer. Taking into account some advice on playing the game, players will become capable of diving right into the action and developing a general understanding of the game and the map. Since the game has a lot going on, beginners are likely to be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of mechanics.

But rest assured, once you’re done with this article, you’ll definitely know what to do and what to avoid. Hence, without further ado, here are a few tips to guide you through the gameplay of Fortnite.

Remain patient when dropping off the bus

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Upon hearing the Battle Bus’ horn, players will be allowed to drop from the bus and land at their preferred locations. But since you’re new to the game, the better option would be to patiently wait and drop near the end of the Battle Bus’ trail — the rule of thumb indicates a 3-second gap before it reaches the end of its path.

This will allow you and other beginners to drop at places where you can loot and gear up without the fear of getting ambushed. The recommended drop spots include houses and structures that possess a high chance of having a hidden chest. Land on the roof and pickaxe your way into the house.

Use smaller potions first instead of bigger ones

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Similar to Apex Legends, Fortnite has a restorable shield system that allows players to replenish their defenses with certain items — in this case, blue bottles. These bottles can be found in small and large proportions, which restore 25 shield and 50 shield respectively. Additionally, the game only allows players to restore up to 50 shield, and higher if you manage to find some rare shield pots.

It goes without saying, and we advise players to consume the shield potions whenever possible to vacate as many spots as possible for their inventory. However, if you have more than one chug, then saving them would be the right course of action.

ARs and SMGs

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Although shotguns and sniper rifles are quite ‘broken’ in Fortnite, sticking with assault rifles and SMGs might be the way to go if you’re new to the game. Sniper rifles can be equipped as a secondary weapon, however, it would be best to avoid using them in close quarters.

Once you get used to the game’s gun mechanics, using flick-shots with a shotgun can prove quite destructive up close. Shotguns are the best guns for close combat and they can deal tons of damage. In fact, one-shotting players are also possible.


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Possibly the biggest mistake most players make in most online shooters, if not all, is the lack of an optimized audio experience. A decent pair of headphones can easily elevate your gameplay. They can help locate enemies by simply hearing their footsteps, gunshots, and similar sounds. Sure, reflexes and response time are essential in such games.

And like most of us, if you are not gifted with inhuman reflexes, a pair of headphones can significantly help make up for that weakness. In fact, there will be times when players will try to snipe you, and locating the sniper can often only be done through proper hearing.

Take cover before healing or reloading

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Just like how gunfights in movies and common sense dictate, taking cover is actually quite imperative, and even more so in video games. Considering how defense-oriented Fortnite can be, you must always build walls and cover around you before engaging in combat.

Once you’ve set up the cover, performing acts such as healing, reloading your weapons, and consuming shields become a lot safer.

Fall damage

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Unlike Borderlands and Apex Legends, falling does deal damage to players in Fortnite. The standard indicates a maximum height of three storeys before you start taking damage.

Following that, the higher you go, the more health you lose. Hence, you can either put ramps or slide down cliffs to avoid the unnecessary depletion of health.

Better positioning

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At first glance, online shooters may seem like a battle of reflexes. And although professional players are often seen to seamlessly eliminate their targets with ease, there are several factors at play here rather than mere reflexes. One of these factors includes the player’s positioning.

An ideal position will undoubtedly help the player achieve kills similar to the pros. For instance, the high grounds are every players’ best friend. And since Fortnite allows players to build structures, why not use the mechanic to fight opponents with a height advantage.

Harvesting materials

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Normally, the player with better aiming skills would dominate all gunfights, right? Wrong. Winning in Fortnite is not limited to having a god-tier aim. In fact, building is perhaps just as important in the game. And to build, you must harvest an adequate amount of materials to craft the structures the situation may demand.

Furthermore, as you progress through the game and polish your skills, you must also develop the habit of harvesting materials on the fly and not destroying the trees and similar harvestable structures.

Since wood is the most commonly used resource, top players recommend harvesting trees till they are half their health. Fully depleting the tree will break it, thus, allowing players to track you down and score an easy kill.

That concludes our beginner's guide to Fortnite article. Do you agree with these tips?